Our Services

Climate Smart Agriculture

EHL Promotes CSA approaches such as mulching, minimum tillage, efficient water use,
irrigation and use of solar for irrigation in ASAL areas to increase production and productivity.

Agronomic Advice

EHL has agronomists who train farmers on GAP for improved production, post-harvest management, efficient water use and water harvesting, Gap and Global gap standards.

Spray Teams

The company trains the spray teams who are majorly youth. They are given a spray kit comprising a knapsack, protective gears, and agrochemical products. The farmer pays for this service when engaging spray teams.

Nursery Operations and Management

EHL works closely with the Ministry of
Agriculture and HCD staff to train nursery operators on nursery management and facilitate their certification.The nurseries are operated by Entrepreneurial farmers to facilitate easy access to seedlings by farmers.

Youth and Women Empowerment

EHL is deliberate in its activities to actively engage youth and women in the value chain with specific interventions for youth and women. Such as youth being trained as spray teams and women in value addition service in addition to being engaged as farmers.

Agreggation and Marketing

EHL purchases produce from farmers and then sells to different market outlets. The farmers are paid through a direct bank transfer to the group’s bank account from which all farmers receive their payment or through MPESA to individual farmers.

Additional Services

Financial Linkages

EHL links farmers to various organizations that offer financial services for agricultural production.

Input supply linkages

EHL links farmers to quality inputs. We have a robust network of agro-vets who supply inputs required to farmers.

Contracting farmers

Our current business model is based on contract farming. EHL organizes farmers into Business groups of between 25 and 40.

Seedling Supply

Farmers may access seedlings on credit.
The cost of seedlings is deducted during the time they deliver the fruits.

Business Development Service

The company supports farmer in business development services.

Trade Fair and Field Days

EHL organizes and participates in farmers field days, conferences and exhibition on horticultural crops.