EHL Deals in a wide range of horticultural products to meet the domestic, regional and international markets.


Passion Fruit

This is EHL`s Key product. Passion is a perennial crop which produces fruits within a year. Traditionally passion fruit has been grown in Uasin Gishu and Elgeyo Maraket Counties. In Kenya, passion fruits can also be grown in Thika, Nyamira, Kisii, Nyeri, Kakamega, Murang’a, Meru, among other regions. Fruits can be eaten fresh or processed into juice. EHL mainly deals with purple passion fruit. EHL targets and services the local, regional and international market.



Avocado farming has in the recent past gained lost of interest by farmers and consumers. Although avocados are fairly resistant to drought, well-distributed rainfall of between 1000-1200mm is adequate. They also require well-drained soils to avoid root rot. Avocados take quite while to mature and give fruits. EHL targets and services the local, regional and international market.

Tree tomato

Tree Tomato

Tree-Tomato (Tamarillo) plants grow best in light, deep, fertile soils. However, soils must be permeable since the plants are not tolerant to water-logging. Germination can take between 3 – 5 weeks.  They are as well planted by irrigation. The ordinary tree tomato plants have shallow root system, which are bettered through grafting. Normally, a tree tomato plant takes two years to bear fruits, but the grafted one matures in nine month. EHL targets and services the local and regional market.


Irish Potatoes

Irish potatoes are the second most consumed staple in Kenya. Potatoes are generally grown in the higher altitude areas, in 15 counties, on rain-fed land, where they compete favorably with maize production.  Irish potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a cool weather crop which belongs to the Solanaceae family. In Kenya, it acts as a staple food as well as a cash crop, and its production has been growing rapidly due to increased urbanization and fast food industries. EHL targets the local market.


African Leafy Vegetables

EHL deals in a wide range of ALVs for the local market. This vegetables are mainly grown by smallholder farmers for both subsistence and commercial purposes in Kenya. Indigenous vegetables commonly referred to as African Leafy Vegetables (ALVs) include: amaranth in African Nightshade (managu), amaranthus (terere), spider plant (saget) and slender leaf (mitoo) among others. EHL targets the local market.

Sweet potato

Sweet Potatoes

 Sweet potatoes thrives in a variety of soil types and climatic conditions. Kakamega, Bungoma, Busia, Homa Bay, Rachuonyo and Kisii counties are the main producers of sweet potatoes in Kenya. Sweet potatoes are in the league of the so-called “orphan crops”, alongside cassava and millet. Many have abandoned these crops because they are considered the poor man’s food. However, development experts say the best way to transform African farming is to return to these crops. EHL targets the local market.